Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What is 'it' that I donìt like?

I must say that I am having a difficult time deciding whether i like Sicily or not. I mean it is very different from the mainland but i can't really put my finger on what it is that is so different and unsettling. For some reason I kind of feel out of place and it might be that it is because it is so quiet here. I came from the touristy Rome to quiet Sicily where there aren't many people here. Tourist season is officially over.
The architecture style is a lot more baroque and arabic. The people here have a different look- i am not sure what the mix is - looks like MAYBE Italian, Arabic and something? This is as much difference i can really pick out. And ok the fact that some areas look a little run down.
Other news: Ricky martin has a big single over here - a duet with an Italian. Ricky is still hot looks a little more buff and has a nice tattoo on his arm i never knew he had. Avril Lavigne is very popular here too - if u think that our radios overplay songs you should see here! Some other english song by I think a man named Cherry Ghost(?), 'People Help the People' is very popular and i love this song.
I think I bought some Sicilian hats from the mafia last night. You know, 2 older guys in suits in a hat shop...another younger one (in training) comes in to hang out and tell me which hat looks nice with my eyes...4 more are congregated at the door when I leave. If I only had a picture. I like the hats though!
Well time to go check something out in this town famous for their chocolate. Unfortunately the choco is horrible - just sugar and cocoa! Wheres the butter and milk i say!?!
A presto!

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