Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Officially Under the Tuscan Sun

Well I am very happy to say i have officially been under the Toscana sun for 4 days and it is the most wonderful thing. Everyday 26 C to 29 C - perfect!
I have tasted the purple of the grapes - and they are wonderful...not to mention the wine too. Not a day has gone by without it!
Our Agriturismo Cretaiòle is located near the village of Pienza. The villages are the typical narrow street villages and shuttered windows. It's hard to imagine people really live there!
Cretaiole is everthing i imagined a Tuscan house would be. Tile floor, wood beams on the ceiling, grapes growing on the front, old wooden furniture and cobblestone patio. It has beautiful views of Pienza to the east olive groves to the west with the 500 year old trees and the grapes to the south.
Luciano is the owner and i would guess him to be in his early 60's. He and I chat every morning ( he speaks no english so we are conversing with my so called italian) and drink grappa (almost like moonshine) together in the evening. He asks if its too strong for me and i say i am Ukrainan, i drink samohon'ka.
So far we have seen wonderful churches - including attending a gregorian chant by monks who were performing a service at Sant'Antimo. An organic farm that makes wonderful cheeses and breads with EVERYTHING from their farm. It was beautiful to tour their place - they are WWOOF members.
Food...oh the food. Of course we have eatent he wonderful food. Ribbolita - a thick veggie soup i had today is my fave so far.
The things i am looking forward to is visiting Luciano's working farm (tonight), a full body massage in the olive grove tomorrow afternoon ( apparently when they say full body they mean FULL body) and i was also told that Simone the masseur is nice looking. As well we are learning to make pici - a local pasta tomorrow.
Sunday i am planning to visit Cortona - where the movie Under teh Tuscan Sun takes place. Unfortunately monday i have to leave my rental car which has been very handy to have. But the drivers here - CRAZY!!! I dont know why they bother to put a centre line. The italians dont obey it- many times i thought they were gonna side swipe me!
I am so happy to know i get to do this trip for many more weeks - what a wonderful way to spend 3 months!
Did i mention yet that i get a full body massage in the olive grove tomorrow??? haha...
Ciao from Montalcino

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universal elixir said...

i keep checking on you - wish i was with you. have fun.