Thursday, August 23, 2007

In Two Weeks...

At this time (8:10 pm) in two weeks, I will be boarding the Zoom Airline flight from Toronto to London after an 8 hour layover in the Pearson Airport. Then from London on to Roma. I can't believe it!!!
In two weeks I will begin my three month vacation in Bella Italia! I can't wait to "taste the purple" of the grapes and hear the "ding dong" of the church bells as did Francesca from the movie, "Under the Tuscan Sun". Who knew that turning thirty could be this fun!
Of course there is still lots to prepare. Reading on Roman art, studying the Italian language and deciding if I should bring my "Sex and the City" 3 inch black heels - I think they'd be fashionable in Italy... :)
So I will cheers myself with a small glass of Quail's Gate Fortified Vintage Foch in celebration of the 2 week countdown. (Now that I have opened the bottle, anyone is free to join me any day for a drink of this elegant Okanagan port style wine!)
Cin-cin! (cheers)

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